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Energy for movement…but perhaps not in the usual way?

I don’t mind admitting that the end of 2014 left me bereft of energy. What will a health challenge, the loss of Treacle (the best cat you will ever hope to know – she was only 2) and months of isolation whilst I tried to finish off my second book. I piled into January feeling […]


  • “Today, following a brief conversation with a service user, we managed to move from the terrible headache he experienced all day every day, to how brilliant his life is at the moment, apparently the best it has ever been”  R.W. #

Welcome to OTCoach – dedicated to serving the personal and professional development of Occupational Therapists.

There are shifts occurring which are changing health, wellbeing and social care forever. We are all being required to be empowered and proactive in relation to our health, environment, communities, education and wellbeing. This, coupled with advances in psychology, neuro-science and rehabilitation, make it a challenging but exciting time to be an Occupational Therapist. OTCoach has been working with individual OT’s, OT services and training providers since 2005, during which time, we have seen the amazing power of a “coach approach”. Interest in coaching in occupational therapy continues to grow as both professions aim to help people live their lives with balance and purpose.

The World needs creative, courageous Occupational Therapists, now more than ever before!

As an Occupational Therapist, we know you have amazing skills, second to no other profession!

Yes, we are biased, but Occupational Therapy is the only profession that is able to look at someone’s life, in its entirety, understand what it means to be human, and help people do the things that really matter to them. We help people function as the best human being possible, engage positively with their family and contribute to their community in whatever way they want to. We understand the true nature of adaptation – something that is needed in today’s changing world.

Occupational Therapy has always been a unique profession, with it’s fair share of challenges but with huge amounts of potential and many opportunities!

At OTCoach we aspire to support the Occupational Therapy profession as it moves through these changing times. We believe, with passion, that the time is now here, for the unique benefits OT holds to be recognised and valued in the world.

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