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Dedicated to serving the personal and professional development of Occupational Therapists.

ot trainingWelcome to OTCoach – dedicated to serving the personal and professional development of Occupational Therapists.

There are shifts occurring which are changing health, wellbeing and social care forever. We are all being required to be empowered and proactive in relation to our health, environment, communities, education and wellbeing.   This, coupled with advances in psychology, neuro-science and rehabilitation, make it a challenging but exciting time to be an Occupational Therapist.

OTCoach has been working with individual OT’s, OT services and training providers since 2005, during which time, we have seen the amazing power of a “coach approach”.   Interest in coaching in occupational therapy continues to grow as both professions aim to help people live their lives with balance and purpose.

Many OT’s are now using coaching with their day to day work with clients, patients and service users:

“Today, following a brief conversation with a service user, we managed to move from the terrible headache he experienced all day every day, to how brilliant his life is at the moment, apparently the best it has ever been”  R.W.

Coaching also helps OTs move toward greater personal fulfilment, start a new business, develop an idea or just rekindle passion for OT:

The coaching has given me confidence. My uncertainty about the future has gone and I have clarity of vision”  T.F.

At OTCoach we aspire to support the Occupational Therapy profession as it moves through these changing times. We believe, with passion, that the time is now here, for the unique benefits OT holds to be recognised and valued in the world.

If you want to start learning about coaching and develop skills to use in your OT practice, we have an online course “Coaching Skills for Occupational Therapists“. Here is what one participant has to say: ‘A very refreshing and lively opportunity to dip my toes into a new way of thinking! The Coaching Skills for OTs has already proved invaluable and I have been able to transfer learning directly into the workplace. It will build confidence in OTs at all levels and in all clinical settings. I highly recommend it!‘ Maureen Grove

Also check out the new page called OTs Doing it Differently – stories of OTs who are using their OT skills in different way, inside and outside of “normal” practice!