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Positive Psychology and OT

Shifting away from a “deficit- conflict” approach can be hard for traditional therapists. Not only are we battling with our training which has often asked us to identify problems and place them at the cornerstone of our assessment, culturally our clients are all too well trained to identify what’s “wrong” them – we all are. [...]

Just saying…

I have a little card board box, into which I put “blog ideas”. It’s generally a one-way process, as more goes in than comes out, but today I had a shufty through and found this note: “OT as role model…the dangers of being seen as better, cleverer, knowledgeable + risk of client feeling not good [...]

“Coaching? Don’t we do that anyway?”

I uttered those words when I attended my first coach training weekend back in 2005.  I remember sitting there feeling quite “put out” as topics such as communication, listening, motivation, life skills etc. reared their head. I was seething. “we do this anyway! We’ve been doing this in OT for years! Grrr” these “coaches” need [...]

Elicit-Provide-Elicit – thoughts on integrating coaching with our practice

In preparing to speak to several physical therapists last month, I found a brilliant article in the Osteopathy literature, which I felt held lots of interest for those wanting to integrate a coach approach with OT or use some coaching skills alongside their existing OT practise. The full title is “Health-coaching strategies to improve patient [...]

Nature fills a void: recognizing our habits

People often come to coaching saying “I am really stressed, completed overloaded and I want to make time for myself/get some stuff out of my hair – then I will feel better”. In OT we also recognize this, be it the cry you hear yourself making, or your clients/service users who are looking for healthier [...]

A courageous and creative new year?

I can’t entirely figure how on earth we have ended up at the start of a new year so quickly. I am a bit stuck in 2005 year wise and October in terms of the month. But I am resolved to plan my goals for the coming a little better! How about you?  How about [...]

10 years time

10 years time? I went on an amazing “walk” recently with my colleague Rosalind who does a unique combination of coaching and walking. You can check out her website here.  This particular walk was actually the first Netwalking session we ran which aims to network people whilst they enjoy fresh air and some exercise. And [...]

Questions Which Unlock and a little self care

Questions which unlock In the course of writing the new ecourse, Coaching Skills for OTs,  I revisited a document I produced a few years ago.  It came from asking OTs what the commonly heard reasons patients give for not moving forward or not putting plans in place: namely what they struggled with. Commonly given answers [...]

Conversational Learning

Conversational Learning When discussing “coaching” I often draw a silo and illustrate how learning from various fields, theories and models contribute to the mix in the silo, with it all narrowing down (I use the word narrow, purely figuratively!) to a simpler, user friendly  approach at the bottom of the silo. At the opening of [...]

Reframing: the key to resilience, acceptance and gratitude?

Reframing: a key to shifting into resilience,  acceptance and gratitude? I have been quite tested lately. Losing use, albeit temporarily, of my dominant hand, resulted in me being unable to drive, write or type for 5 weeks.  It was as my lovely friend eloquently described it, “Another Growth Opportunity” or AFGO. But as I started [...]

Making Plans that Work

Making it happen “With grace, willingness and ease, dance with your intentions, watching them emerge. Looking back you will see how the dots joined themselves up beautifully, with little help” LM$ M$e Careful sharing I over share, I always have. I start telling people about my wildly enthusiastic plans, truly believing this would help me [...]

OT rocks…lets help more OTs to success

OTs rock – yes they do… and today I really remember why I love working with OTs, whether its working in a one to one coaching relationship  or training OTs as I have been today.   Once more  I am reminded what an amazing bunch of people you really are. Intuitive, creative, resourceful, highly skilled with [...]

Expectation and Uncertainty in OT

  Expectation and Uncertainty A while ago, I sent a brief newsletter, requesting your thoughts on the challenges that you currently face in your OT journey. I had some lovely replies, but please keep sending your thoughts. Here is part of an email sent by an OT: “As an OT myself who graduated over 3 [...]

ACT Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in OT

Reflections on ACT as a tool for OTs My first real encounter with ACT, was on a 6 week ‘Positive Acceptance’ Course 3 years ago, when I was myself, going through a very challenging chapter in my life. ACT stands for Acceptance Commitment Therapy. Classed as Third wave Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, it differs by incorporating [...]

Occupational Therapy and the opportunity of Social Enterprise

I find it very difficult not to become evangelical when writing about OT, coaching and the potential the OT profession currently has.  In my ezine I try and keep personal opinion out (probably unsuccessfully but hey ho!), and in formal publications its even more important to be “neutral”. But I don’t feel that keeping neutral [...]

Walking the Tightrope and OTs DiD

Walking the tightrope I have always been fascinated by the use of metaphor in enabling relationships and its power to access internal wisdom at times where language in inadequate or unhelpful. In coaching, a metaphor often emerges quite naturally  and there are also specific techniques including an approach called Clean Language which helps a client [...]

Mentoring, Coaching or Coaching Mentoring? and OTs DiD

Mentoring or Coaching or Coach Mentoring What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring? This question is often asked and often coaches and mentors alike will debate this quite energetically.  I used to refer to the differences that the NHS Leadership Centre came up with in 2004 (Source: Jarvis(2004:20)  They make the delineation that a mentoring relationship can [...]

Mood Mapping, OTs DiD (NLP) and Kaizen

Mood Mapping Earlier this month I attended a workshop run by Liz Miller. You may remember Liz from the Steven Fry documentary about Bipolar Disorder(BP), a couple of years. Liz was a neuro-surgeon who has BP. She changed her line of work but was able to regain control of her moods and has subsequently developed [...]

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