The Coach Approach

Don’t we do this anyway?

Most OT’s we speak to believe they already coach within their OT role. There is no doubt that coaching and OT have a similar philosophy and some similar techniques but in its pure form coaching is very different.

Coaching provides OT’s with an exciting, different way of working and powerful tools which can be incorporated into an existed approach or as a stand alone intervention.

We truly believe that OT’s make great coaches!

Why is this? Well as OT’s we are one of the only truly holistic professions which looks at all aspects of a person’s life. We understand how important having a future vision and goals are and understand how negative self beliefs greatly inhibit the achievement of these goals. We also understand the nature of human occupation allowing us to see beyond the coaching process. We form good relationships with people and understand the importance of forming a relationship which is both collaborative and where is the power balance is shared equally.

So what is Coaching?

The essence of coaching is to develop a conversational relationship in which a coach works with another person with the intention of them working towards a vision or goal. Whilst this relationship is focussed and objective and bears no emotional strings or attachments, the heart of the coaching environment is essentially about both empathy and compassion.

The aim of the coach is to create a cohesive structure within which both parties can work safely, the coach uses various tools and techniques appropriate to the situation. A good coach uses her intuitive processes which are fed by deep listening and attention to the client. Both client and coach agree to give power to the coaching space and work as equal partners within that space (Whitworth et al2005).

Working with a coach involves commitment and investment. It provides a sounding board, reflection and structure from a professional who will be objective, honest and on your side!

Coaching can help enormously in enabling someone to make difficult changes in their life, working to unlock dreams, boost creativity and build a meaningful future based on balance and purpose.

Here is typical response from someone who has benefited from coaching:

“During the sessions, she assists one to start thinking in a different direction about how to solve problems or tackle what seems like mountains of work  and to get some order into things to make them manageable. She has been a great help to me over the year, and I don’t think that I would have been able to cope with everything in the way I have if I had not been able to have these coaching sessions with her”

Most of the coaching we offer is telephone based which is convenient, cost effective and enables both parties to be comfortable and at ease. Clients often express how helpful it is not worrying about getting someone or maintaining eye contact (a social nicety which often impairs our thinking  processes!)