Whole Brain Business Planning for OTs – eCourse

WBBP-ad“Packed with 6 modules of videos, activities, resources and learning to help you move your idea into action, with creativity and courage”

We can approach business planning from our left brain, very necessary for all the admin systems, accounting, legal issues, insurance etc. but it’s not often our right brain and our soul get a chance to speak.

Before starting a new business, enterprise or project, you need to understand who you are and what you want. With a new venture, you very quickly get caught up in the practical bits like ordering stationary, but in the early days you really need to embrace creativity and ensure that you and your passion don’t get lost. We want to make sure that the business you want to run, doesn’t end up like the situation you are leaving behind and is able to flourish with a happy you at the heart of it.

Traditional business planning is very linear and doesn’t embrace the creative, emergent nature of the process. This eCourse helps you create a living, breathing business plan that can change and grow – it is so much more powerful than just a plain text document.


This e-course isn’t just for creative people, so don’t worry if you hate the sight of glue, pencils or having grubby hands. The process, tools and structure will still help you and at the end, you will have a succinct plan, which will serve to guide and inform you and your business.

The e-course is divided into 6 modules which each take between 2 and 4 hours to complete. It’s better to take time, do the exercises, watch the videos, read, reflect and generally consolidate your learning to date rather than rush on.

There are two options:

– Just buy the eCourse and work through it on your own: £95 (or £75 if you have a discount code)

– Upgrade and get the eCourse plus six, one hour telephone coaching sessions with Jen, so you really get moving: £595

There is so much potential for OTs to form amazing businesses, so let’s do it!

If you’d like more details and to book this course please visit my Craft Your Life website : www.craftyourlife.co.uk/product/whole-brain-business-planning-course