Coaching Skills for Therapists and Health Professionals

Coaching is a powerful approach to working with individuals and groups. It enables people to work towards what they want rather than what they don’t want. It is being fast recognised as the “missing link” in helping people to change health beliefs, raise self efficacy and develop sustainable plans.

This day is aimed at Occupational Therapists who want to explore coaching and consider using it as part of their professional “tool kit”. It aims to provide some practical tools, hands-on practice and personal experience of coaching. It will show how coaching not only benefits our clients, but also supports our own personal and business development.

Workshop outcomes

At the end of the day, participants will have:

  • Identified and understood the fundamental processes involved in coaching including opportunity to practice some coaching tools, and have experience of being coached
  • Understood the barriers to coaching
  • Explored possible applications of coaching

This is a practical day – come and be inspired!

Here’s what previous attendees said about other workshops:

“Very good course. Thought provoking, informing and well presented.”

“Huge benefits – great to meet other OT’s who are intrigued by coaching… lots of material… food for thought”

Come and see how coaching can enhance your practice.

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NLP for OT’s

NLP has become of increasing interest in recent years, across many areas of life, including coaching and personal development. Many OT’s have started to train in NLP as they recognised how it could enhance their work with clients and enhance their own lives.
Helen Tyler (, an experienced NLP practioner and Occupational Therapist will lead this exciting day. The day will combine practical experience of some NLP techniques which can be used easily with OT clients, alongside theoretical learning and group discussion.   It is suitable for OT practitioners of all levels and experience and is essential for anyone considering a formal training in  NLP.  Integrating NLP in OT practice will be at the heart of this day.
1. What is NLP?

Introduction, background and it’s applications today.

2. NLP Communication Model

What happens inside our mind?

3. Rapport

How to develop instant rapport

4. Goals:

Setting  goals the NLP way to ensure the best chance of success

‘Well Formed Outcome’ exercise

5. Perceptual Positions Exercise:

Viewing things from different perspectives

6. Values: Why people do what they do?

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